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It is a proven fact that customers will visit your website at some point in time before they decide to buy from you or even speak to someone at your company. Since you operate an ecommerce business, you need to have a website as it is vitally important for your company.
Customer service used to be about greeting customers with a simple hello and a smile, but in today's world, customer service means something much different. Since you are in the ecommerce business world, your customer service meaning is even more different than businesses who see their customers face to face.
Google Analytics is a tool that is very helpful and beneficial in the business world. Your ecommerce business should start using Google Analytics if it is not because this simple tool will help you tenfold. This article will cover the top benefits of using this tool for your business.
The ecommerce world offers numerous benefits to customers and the world and that is why many companies exist in this industry. When you have an ecommerce business, it is important to make sure you cover all of the bases because you actually have more responsibility than non-ecommerce businesses.
Every business owner dreams of being successful and making it big in the industry but for many this dream burns out when they really get a glimpse of how much work is involved in making everything stick and run together cohesively. There are ways to ensure that your ecommerce business will be a hit this year and making sure to follow these tips will set you up for success.
The emergence of social media has completely changed the entire aspect of internet. Now, almost all websites have included social sharing buttons on their webpages. Most social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are widely used by most individuals. Do you know what is the website that is most visited by users?
If you own a smartphone or other type of mobile devices then you have probably used different types of apps. Most often, these apps are free and easy to download. Since they are so much fun and very easy to acquire then you might just download them right away without considering what it can do for you. The main purpose of an app is not always to provide sales. That is why, it is very important to determine what an app can do for your mobile site.
In order to obtain better rankings, some marketers are having a hard time searching for ways to game the search engines. Unfortunately, it is very hard to accomplish. If you really want to maintain a long-term presence online then there are some things that you have to ensure.
Ecommerce platforms should be designed based on the needs and requirements of the entrepreneurs. Here are the different types of entrepreneurs and the corresponding ecommerce platforms, which are perfect for them.
When it comes to eCommerce sites, is considered as one of the greatest. In fact, they have more revenues compared to its competitors. There are many ways that business owners can compete with Amazon. If you want to make your online business succeed then you should see to it that you can present your products in a unique way.
Magento is considered one of the best ecommerce platforms today. It offers almost all the aspects needed for an eCommerce solution, which include managing the product, catalog and order as well as marketing and promotions.
If you are looking for new ideas in order to develop your rankings and work on your SEO skills then you should obtain the best SEO tips from the experts. Here are some SEO experts and their tips on how to manage your SEO campaigns.
Sometimes it can be too annoying to watch those huge numbers of emails that you have in your inbox. That is why Gmail is now making their move. They are now implementing a new rule with regards to emails received, which are not opened by the user.
Mobile ecommerce is now on the rise, but is it really necessary to use this technology? If you are a fan of Gilt and Fab news sites, then you might think that mobile ecommerce sites are enjoying great revenues. Based on a sample data from Spring Metrics' customers it has been discovered that not all sites are enjoying great revenues from using mobile devices.
Mobile Commerce is much more than copying and pasting your ecommerce site to your mobile site, as the customer's usage and buying behaviors are unique to mobile.
Selling your one product through multiple outlets is the smartest thing you can ever do. The result is simple: the same product plus more eyeballs equals increased sales.
Electing NEC to manage all your SEO & SEM needs, ensures that this vital aspect of e-commerce is not neglected. We work with you to leverage your brand across the web and translate that into higher sales.
SEO & Marketing
NEC will help manage both your SEO & SEM efforts across the web and on social marketing sites like Facebook. Electing NEC to manage all your SEO & SEM needs, ensures that this vital aspect of e-commerce is not neglected. We work with you to leverage your brand across the web and translate that into higher sales.  Read more
Selling your one product through multiple outlets is the smartest thing you can ever do. The result is simple: the same product plus more eyeballs equals increased sales.  Read more
Mobile Commerce
Congratulations! You have a fantastic website. Now check it out on your new cell phone. Chances are the website is not useable. Mobile Commerce is much more than copying and pasting your ecommerce site to your mobile site as the customer's usage and buying behaviors are unique to mobile.  Read more
Various Payment Integration Options
In addition to the traditional credit card payment options, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) we provide seamless integration with PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment e-layaway, Bill Me Later, and other vendors.  Read more
E-Commerce Engine
Nox Enterprise Commerce provides your firm with flexible and powerful e-commerce software. Build an online store without hassle: NEC facilitates processing and filling online orders with immediacy. Our scalable platform means our solution will grow in step with your business, accommodating inventory changes with a minimum of upkeep.  Read more
User Friendly Designed Interface
The importance of a well designed User Interface can be the difference between the success and failure of your endeavor. We conduct user testing to guarantee that the design proposed is a perfect fit for your product and audience.  Read more
Nox Business Intelligence
Nox Business Intelligence (NBI) provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of NBI are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking and predictive analytics.  Read more
Catalog Management
Nox Enterprise Commerce has the valuable tools you need to build, establish, manage, and grow a reliable online store. Our extensive array of web-based management tools and utilities provide you with a scalable e-commerce solution that grows with your business.  Read more
Content Management
With NEC's robust platform, the benefits to your business are substantial. We provide for tight integration with back-end and external systems, a professional support team working for you and your customers, complete site hosting with guaranteed up time, custom look-and-feel to appeal to your business' key demographics, and more.  Read more
Warehouse Solutions
National Fulfillment Services (NFS) is a direct marketing/direct response support company that delivers more of the essential services- and service - you need to build your business. Our operation is the engine that can propel your direct marketing programs to success, generate repeat buyers and revenues and accelerate your business goals by providing on-time fulfillment and total satisfaction to your customers.  Read more
Photo and Video Services
Nox Enterprise Commerce realizes that many clients may not want to allocate all the necessary resources for ongoing quality product photography so we built our own professional studio in-house. This means you get the brand-centric photography you need at a fraction of the price, with none of the asset management hassles. The result is a consistent, high-quality representation of your unique brand identity.  Read more
Inventory Management
NEC works with whatever systems and processes you use to run your business: accounting systems, fulfillment, customer service, ERP and more. Automating with the NEC Inventory Management Module will reduce back-office costs by eliminating data entry errors and redundancies. An additional benefit is the integration of customer service processes, and streamlining for order fulfillment. For over 10 years, we have backed up our development with extensive testing and analysis, to find out what really works, and what doesn't.  Read more
A/B Testing
A/B tests are most commonly used to gauge the effectiveness of changes to a certain aesthetic element or across the entire site. We work closely with you to determine the elements you want to test, design the variation and set it up.  Read more
Cart Remarketing
On average, 26% of customers return to a site to buy if the company has an effective remarketing program in place.  Read more
Our Partners
As we look to the future to enable our clients to compete in a heavily congested market online, the collaboration between Nox and our key partners becomes more crucial than ever.  Read more
Case Studies
As a fully customizable and hosted solution, Nox Enterprise Commerce works with you to achieve your goals. Check out some of our success stories.  Read more
Progressive Mindset
Wouldn't it be great if the enhancements you wanted for your site to increase your sales and exposure were the same modules and features our current customers already are having success with?  
24/7 Uptime
Nox Solutions support is not outsourced. You will be speaking with a Nox specialist with intimate knowledge of the product.  Read more
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